Why is a Personal Development Business such a good idea?

personal development business

Well when you think about it, you are getting the best of many worlds really. A home based business you can work around your family. Say goodbye to the commute and long hours. Successful entrepreneurs you can surround yourself with and learn from.   Personal Development products you can study from and implement into your own life.

A Personal Development Business  and the People Who Are Part Of It

What I have discovered is the people involved in this personal development business  are truly unique. They are willing to assist and share their knowledge to further everyday people just like me. They selflessly give their time to train and coach – and are available should the need arise.  It has been said “You” are the company you keep – so to hang out with a number of millionaires and high 6 figure earners is something I am happy to be part of. Why on earth would I listen to the advice of broke or average earning friends?

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.  - Zig Ziglar

A Personal Development Business and Their Products

Having a good mindset for any area you choose to succeed in is vital and with a personal development business  you are guaranteed the products without a doubt deliver. Giving you the best materials to study and implement is key. For myself having an ongoing online study course to daily visit and take action in principles I learn, video I see and audio I hear has been awesome in assisting me with self imposed limiting beliefs. I know I can run a business. I know I can be in the best shape. I just know I can be and do anything!

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.  - Jim Rohn


Personal Development Business – They Have The Best Comp Plans

So why is that?  Why does this personal development business  have a mind blowing compensation plan if I am prepared to go for it. Because through the mind changing products, it makes you realise you can dream and think big, bigger than you have before. That you are very capable and very worthy of making big money while assisting others to do the same.  Just so long as you roll up the sleeves and take the required action to do so – the system, products and the marketing training are the same for all. It’s what “You” bring to the table and the “You” factor that makes all the difference.

So what are you waiting for… Check out this personal development business today! I look forward to speaking with you soon,

Take care, make it a great day,
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Tricks To Lose Weight


My Tricks To Lose Weight…

tricks to lose weight

I guess you think I am going to give you my magic tricks to lose weight. Wave the wand here and there and voila – your weight has fallen off.  Or other magic tricks to lose weight including taking pills and potions, magic flavoured shakes that just burn the fat. Seriously?  Give me a break!

The only way you or I will lose weight is with a good mindset and to be purely organised with our nutrition and exercise.  So what does that all mean?

Some of My Tricks To Lose Weight

Ask yourself “What do I want to lose?”   Well it was 24 odd kilos – however – having applied these tricks to lose weight in recent times that 24kg has been reduced to 17kg.

“Why do I want to lose 24 kilos? ”   Because I am sick to death of sitting on my favourite beach at summer time wearing a big tee over my swimwear.  Sick to death of fitting about 10% of my wardrobe. I want to be healthy and happy and not spending my latter years of life unwell or unable to keep up with my young family.  Thats WHY!
And believe me, its the “Why” that will drive you.

“So what actions do I take?”  At present I am following Michelle Bridge’s 12 week body transformation and it really isn’t about doing this program to lose weight. But to change bad nutrition habits into good ones and getting my backside off the couch and exercising regularly. And to continue these new formed habits when the 12 week program is complete.

Followng are the Key Magic Tricks To Lose Weight!

Good positive mindset – I will do this no matter what!  Eliminate limiting beliefs that you cannot do this – YOU absolutely can and you will.

Goal Setting - Setting little milestones along the way to your ultimate goal.  And celebrating these milestones – with something that excites you and that, cannot be eaten!!!

Organisation – what I eat and when I exercise.  And what to do if “life” gets in the way.

Give it 90 days, then another and another…   You will be amazed that in the first 10 and 20 days how many of your bad habits have been changed, and the weight is coming off.

And this is the biggest trick of all —>  Please, please, please – Never ever give up!

I do hope you enjoyed this post on weight loss, it definitely is a journey. Please comment on my tricks to lose weight post below and make it a great day!

Cheers, Sharon


A Good Way To Lose Weight!

I just know I have found a good way to lose weight.  After researching Michelle Bridge’s 12 week body transformation I decided to get my weight loss journey moving.  At 84.4 kilos when I originally started – I now believe it was the best decision!  As the picture below shows, I am quite overweight and going by my program I am embarking on, weighing in over 80 kilograms means I fall in the obese category which is truly a rude awakening!

good way to lose weight

Now you can see “Why” I was looking for a good way to lose weight!   I have worn my muffin top for the photo shoot. LOL.  I guess all I can do is laugh but it really is quite a significant time to make this decision for change.  If I kept going at this rate and packing on the kilos I would be 90, even 100 before I knew it. And at 45 years of age weightloss certainly does not come easy! 

Ideally I should be around the 60 kg mark for my height which if I can remember ‘way back when’, it had me looking good too. Around a healthy size 10-12 and fitting jeans and fitted tops. (And not these Muffin Tops!!!)   So 60 the weightloss goal is!

12WBT Truly is A Good Way To Lose Weight

Do comment below as I move full steam ahead on my weightloss journey.  Choosing the 12 week program I believe is a good way to lose weight however time and updated photos and posts will tell the story. I hope future posts assist and inspire you in an area of your life you choose to change.  Has to start with a decision first however!

Personal Development business

Take care,


I have started quite a challenging but healthy weight loss diet.  With that in mind I stumbled on this phrase;

“If it doesn’t challenge you – it doesn’t change you”.  

How profound is that?  I saw this on Facebook the other day and it just blew me away when I realised this is what I have to do if I want to change in any area of my life.

For my weight loss journey or business success this little quote has totally highlighted the fact that my lack of accomplishments in these areas are due to lack of challenges I am willing to face up to.  I finally get it!  So now that I have made the decision first to lose weight and discovered a healthy weight loss diet in the program – Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.

healthy weight loss diet

A really quite unhealthy and overweight Me !!


I was 84.4kg  by the way – 4 weeks ago and just am so over being overweight.  (June 13 and I am 78.6kg)   So over sitting on the beach at summer time in an oversized tee watching all the skinnies walk past.  So over only fitting about 10 percent of my wardrobe. I have finally started this healthy weight loss diet that is teaching me the mindset, diet and exercise skills that are going to set me up for life.

Am I challenged?  Absolutely!  Every time I perform the prescribed exercises – They are tough.  I am hurting in legs and abs or sweating profusely from the run, but in my mind I think and believe – “If it doesn’t challenge me -it wont change me”… Period.

When I have almost finished my workout and “Just want this over already!”  - I take a moment to visualise the jeans and little tee I will be wearing once I get to my goal – this keeps me focused and on track and the reason I just won’t give up!

And when I have a low – calorie tuna salad to enjoy instead of fast, quick food I at times are challenged with wanting to opt for the quick – and sometimes whats considered – nasty option over the healthy one.  Let me tell you, I have discovered in recent times, healthy eating on this healthy weight loss diet doesn’t have to be boring eating!  There are sooo many yummy options out there!

Personal Development business

So I hope you are nuturing your mind and body well.  And keep in mind, If it doesn’t challenge you – it doesn’t change you!   Make sure you comment below and I look forward to sharing my weight losing journey with you!

Take care,


The Diet Solution – Will this do it for me?

the diet solution, balance diet, fresh diet, losing weight, lose fat

Here I go again, searching for ‘the diet solution‘ that will have me lose the pounds or kilos that I want off my oversized body. Yes, oversized!  It’s amazing how we can hide behind a profile pic on Facebook or a behind a computer. Well, there will be no more hiding anymore!!!  

I have decided to do Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation also known as 12WBT for short.  What I am thoroughly enjoying about this process thus far is the fact Michelle and her team slowly ease you into the process of getting a good mindset about losing your unwanted kilos.

Having joined the program in its early days, I am in the “Warm Up” process where there are little challenges to do each week like; cutting out one bad habit, it may be drinking less cans of coke or just one glass of wine instead of the bottle!  Another challenge has been to write out what you eat over a whole week which really has been quite confronting. My god!  I didn’t realise I could eat so much in a day – what am I thinking???  Or there have been challenges to complete 3 exercise days a week.

But are you like me and have been a yo-yo dieter most of your teenage and young adult life?

Well, I am friggin’ over it!  This is the last straw and reason I write this post, the reason I will update posts to view my progress, maybe include video but definitely photos of my before and after shots of my journey in losing weight…

…The reason I am to do this is to keep me totally accountable for my efforts and just being down right responsible for my own actions but more importantly my health, body and fitness!

And to put it out there to the universe to see!  (Or perhaps for a few of my supportive peeps on Facebook to check out)

A Diet Solution – 12WBT starts with the Mind First!

And I do appreciate your support on my journey.  I can’t hope that the diet solution I have chosen is the right one. They all have their pros and cons. I know now that it is my mindset, my vision I have for a leaner, healthier body that holds the key and more importantly – taking daily taking action steps that will get me to that vision and goal I see!

I will definitely be adding some before shots soon. It is important I just put myself in all my glory to be truly accountable and truly committed to the diet solution that is 12 week body transformation and the one that is going to change my thinking and life and big ass forever!

Personal Development business

Please comment below and support me on my journey.

What I want is for me to get to my ideal size, and become healthier along the way – and if I can help more than one person to change their mindset and dietary and exercise habits to better themselves, because of my story – then I will be thrilled!

Till next time,
Sharon Whyte
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